william blythe literature

Forming a bond with William Blythe

The company are global leaders in researching and developing a wide array of chemicals, used in a multitude of industries and for a diverse range of purpose (such as catalysts, coatings, electronics, food, life sciences, pigments, plating, polymer additives and screen printing!). Therefore, displaying all of this information in a simple, clear manner presented a challenge.

Given William Blythe regularly attend exhibitions throughout the world, they require a stand that is portable, simple to construct, and allows them the flexibility of being effective, regardless of the floor space available. In addition to this brief, the graphics must be interchangeable depending on the ‘theme’ of the show and the audience attending.

Clearly, the generic printed show literature is unable to be altered from event to event, however our design and concept ensured that information is clear and digestible, and easy to find – rather than confuse. Their range of specialism described in the content actually serves to impress and reassure the audience of William Blythe’s experience. Space within the marketing literature was limited, so it was necessary to keep copy minimal. However, with the introduction of clever strap lines, infographics, and a new colour palette, navigation through the literature remains informative and logical.

Following the exhibition in Switzerland, feedback was overwhelmingly positive and we are currently working on rolling out this format of marketing literature with William Blythe, to work across multiple countries and languages, in a addition to upcoming online and digital marketing projects.

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