busy bees

Bee busy, be efficient.

We create many campaigns for our clients that back up their credentials when it comes to the environment. Sustainable work practices are very important going forwards and we like to think that we mirror these efforts in our own small way. Over the last few years (like many other businesses) we have optimised the way we work. We have adopted a hybrid working strategy that has meant we need less office and storage space, leading to better efficiency. Splitting time between our main office and home based offices means we have managed to strike a better home/work balance, tailored to each individual.

Since 2019 we have owned and maintained our own beehives locally. Our Managing Director, having had an interest in this for some years, looks after the colonies of bees in Cheshire. 2020 provided the perfect weather to really get to grips with the task of looking after the bees and ultimately producing lots of honey. The prime reason for managing the bees was for the environmental benefits such as pollinating plants – honey is a pleasant bonus but we have found that the key to a successful bee hive colony is to ensure they have plenty of food stores for the winter.

In business terms, we are an efficient resource for our clients marketing needs. A small agency like Onside can be agile, responsive and ultimately save your business money by providing tailored support at a low cost. Our personal service sets us apart from larger agencies, yet retains the level of creativity and technical expertise.

We look forward to getting busy for you in the future.

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