This week we had Olivia from Fallibroome Academy in with us to gain experience and insight into working in a marketing agency. Throughout the week she worked on a number of projects, even contributing to a number of creative idea sessions. The Onside team thoroughly enjoyed having her here and hope to see her in the future.

Here’s what she had to say:

I had a wonderful time at Onside for my work experience. I learnt a great deal about the varied sections within a marketing agency such as advertising, web design, social media engagement and the importance of marketing. The team at Onside are all truly lovely, inviting people and brimming with enthusiasm for their work. The atmosphere at Onside is very cheerful, encouraging me to feel instantly at ease in the work-place. Which I felt made it easier for myself as quite a systematic, shy person be able to think more creatively and speak up, to share my ideas. Furthermore, I learnt that at Onside they work in such an ebullient environment to explore creative ideas and craft a new diverse concept that correlates with the brand and ensures brilliant results. In my time with Onside, John educated me on how to use social media for marketing, by displaying information in a certain way to create a personality for the company or brand that’s more inviting and welcoming to customers, so the brand has a bigger online presence, which gets companies noticed in today’s high intensity, developing, fast paced market. It was very interesting learning how to set up online profiles for companies on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram, understanding how much social media affects brand recognition and visibility online, such as how creating a Google+ account strengthens a companies┬áSEO. I thoroughly enjoyed working with the whole team over the week, and feel it’s been a great experience.